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Here's where it all began... Mom's kitchen at the farm.

Growing up on the farm provided me with many opportunities to take the ropes of running the kitchen so Mom and Dad could get the chores done with my siblings. When they expanded the dairy in 2008 I really got to head it up!  I probably went through the family recipe books a hundred times during those 2 months, trying to find new meals and desserts.  The hard working folks wanted dessert after each meal, coffee and cookies at 4:00, and bread needed to be baked at least once a week.

I attended ATC for a semester in the Fall of 2012, and from there was lucky enough to land a job at The Crusty Bun in Winnipeg early 2013! After a year and a half there, I decided I needed to come back to the country and see how the bakeries out here operated if this is where I wanted to do my baking. So I started in Glenboro Bake Shop, later adding Treherne Bakery a couple days a week.  I am very grateful for all three employers: Andi, David, and Michelle, thank you for your knowledge and guidance!

Now here I am, baking in the Holland Community Hall. 

This summer I participated at the Treherne Farmer's Market, and had the honor of providing

                                    with their buns for the season! 

What a great experience!



Everything that I bake is from scratch!  I am proud to say that I use real ingredients. No additives or preservatives  The butter that I use in all of my recipes is purchased from the Notre Dame Creamery.  Each loaf of bread is hand crafted.  I now have some great equipment at the Hall to make me more efficient in mixing the dough and shaping buns.

Check out the pictures/videos page to see them in action!

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